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HRC urges stimulus with Bush

From NBC's Ken Strickland
In stressing the need for an additional economic stimulus package, Sen. Hillary Clinton took her request directly to President Bush today in New York. 

"I met with the president briefly today," Clinton said on a conference call with reporters, referring to a Veterans Day event on the Intrepid Air, Sea & Space Museum. "I asked him to work with Congressional leadership so we could get a stimulus package and gave him a letter both making this request and outlining what I thought we should be doing."

In the letter, she proposes a stimulus package which includes previous proposals from Democrats including money for roads projects, increases in unemployment insurance and more food assistance. Clinton asked Bush to work with Congressional leaders to pass a bill next week when members return for a lame-duck session. (It's unclear if any package will pass at this point.)

On the conference call, she also supported more financial help for the auto industry but insisted that the aid "not be unconditional money," hinting at possible changes that could effect labor unions. Clinton said the industry "should be willing to take a hard look at salaried and hourly employees, so that we know that we're getting the maximum return, maybe with changes in work rules." 

On other political issues, there was this...

On Joe Lieberman's future: "We're [Senate Democrats] going to be addressing that next week. And I'll have more to say about it once we're back in session and have had a chance to consult and consider the options."

Has Obama asked HRC to 'spearhead' any issues in the next Congress?
"We've had an ongoing discussion going back many weeks now about our mutual commitment to the kind of changes we both campaigned on. And I have made it very clear that I am more than ready and willing to assist as a partner in the Senate to get the work done."

Will Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff be good for New York's interest?
After addressing the question with a broad answer that Obama understands the needs of big cities, the reporter asked again about Emanuel.

"Do you think that Rahm's going to be accessible to New Yorkers," a New York reporter asked.

"Rahm Emanuel?" Clinton asked with a smile in her voice. "He's going to be accessible to me."