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Down the ballot: Mayday! Mayday!

The New York Times writes, "Outspent and under siege in a hostile political climate, Congressional Republicans scrambled this weekend to save embattled incumbents in an effort to hold down expected Democratic gains in the House and Senate on Tuesday. With the election imminent, Senate Republicans threw their remaining resources into protecting endangered lawmakers in Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Oregon, while House Republicans were forced to put money into what should be secure Republican territory in Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia and Wyoming."

More: "Sensing an extraordinary opportunity to expand their numbers in both the House and Senate, Democrats were spending freely on television advertising across the campaign map. Senate Democrats were active in nine states where Republicans are running for re-election; House Democrats, meanwhile, bought advertising in 63 districts, twice the number of districts where Republicans bought advertisements and helped candidates."

FLORIDA: The Miami Herald looks at those three Miami Congressional races -- Republican incumbents Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and the Diaz-Balart brothers -- to see how the once safe-GOP reps came to be fighting for their political lives.

MINNESOTA: After attending a rally for Obama in St. Charles, MO, Hillary Clinton holds her final campaign event of 2008 with Al Franken in Minnesota.

"Months of tension between Republican Sen. Norm Coleman and his Democratic rival, Al Franken, spilled into their last debate Sunday night as they traded heated accusations about allegations made in a lawsuit against the incumbent. … 'You have an ad that's defaming my wife,' Coleman said. 'I think there's a line in this business. You can take any shot you want at the candidate. Mr. Franken, rather than rejecting it, is promoting it.' …

"'This is not about Norm Coleman's wife,' Franken replied. 'This is about Sen. Coleman's political sugar daddy.'"

And then… "I think folks have a right to look at the character, to look at the record," Coleman said. "Jokes about rape, is that a line? Writing pornography for Playboy, is that a line? Calling a Supreme Court justice sexist, is that a line?"

NORTH CAROLINA: That Liddy Dole "Godless" ad won't be running in the last days before the election.

PENNSYLVANIA: The Philly Inquirer looks at local races in Bucks County, a one-time GOP stronghold where Democrats are expanding their national-ticket toehold down the ballot.