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McCain: Live from New York…

McCain opened SNL -- with faux Sarah Palin, Tina Fey -- putting on a mock QVC infomercial, selling "pork" knives, McCain Fine-Gold (to commemorate his campaign finance law), which was presented by Cindy McCain and a set of Joe action figures, including Joe the Plumber, Joe Sixpack and Joe Biden (who talks for 45 minutes when you pull the string).

More, courtesy of the New York Times: "Ms. Fey even poked fun at reports of strife between Ms. Palin and Mr. McCain, telling the camera quietly, 'OK, listen up everybody, I'm going rogue right now, so keep your voices down,' and offering 'PALIN 2012' T-shirts. Mr. McCain asked: 'Look, would I rather be on three major networks? Of course. But I'm a true maverick – a Republican without money.' And he gave a unique distillation of his closing argument. 'So when you go to the polls on Tuesday, remember, Country First,' he said, before adding a new coda: 'As a reminder, all undergarments are non-refundable.'"