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Anti-Obama push poll in PA

From NBC's Mark Murray
A Democratic source who lives in the battleground state of Pennsylvania tells First Read that he received a phone call yesterday that billed itself as a 45-second automated poll.

But it was really an anti-Obama push poll, the source says.

"Rather than having me press 1, press 2, etc, I was just to answer 'yes' or 'no' to every question which asked questions like (I'm paraphrasing}: 'Does knowing that the former head of Fannie Mae made millions of dollars while working there and worked on the Obama campaign make you less likely to support Barack Obama?'"
Or: "'Does the fact that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have said they are going to raise taxes makes you less likely to vote for Barack Obama?'"
The source says the call ended by saying it was sponsored by LetFreedomRingUSA.com.

Colin Hanna, president of the conservative group, which is also running anti-Obama TV ads in key battleground states, confirms to First Read the existence of the poll. But he disagrees with the characterization of it as a push poll.

"A donor came to us and offered to fund the poll," Hanna says. He refused to release the name of the donor.