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Down the ballot: Liddy slipping?

CALIFORNIA: Gay married couples in California could face a legal nightmare if a proposed same-sex marriage ban passes on Tuesday. Per the LA Times: "Proposition 8 would amend the state Constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman, but the measure does not address what would happen to the estimated 16,000 same-sex couples who have tied the knot since gay marriage became legal in California on June 17." 

NORTH CAROLINA: "Some said fresh polling in North Carolina suggested that incumbent GOP Elizabeth Dole had fallen further behind since airing an ad that tried to tie Democratic rival Kay Hagan to atheists."

WASHINGTON: Most pundits aren't expecting another fantastically close election in the Washington governor's race. But authorities and party leaders are preparing -- just in case the rematch between Gov. Christine Gregoire and challenger Dino Rossi turns out to be a repeat of last cycle's photo finish.