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McCain: Where are you, Joe?

"[W]hen John McCain called out to Joe at a rally yesterday morning in Ohio, he was nowhere to be found, producing a rather awkward moment. The scene is already recorded on YouTube and being sent around by gleeful Democrats. 'Joe, I thought you were here today,' McCain said, looking around before recovering to say, 'Well, you're all Joe the plumbers, so all of you stand up.'"
The NY Post cover: "Plumb job." "McCain: I'll take Joe to DC with me."

This is an interesting new TV ad from the McCain camp. It shows a clip of Obama praising McCain on global warming.  

Speaking of ads… In this last week, the McCain campaign and the RNC are apparently keeping pace with Obama on spending. "The decision to finance a final advertising push is forcing McCain to curtail spending on Election Day ground forces to help usher his supporters to the polls, according to Republican consultants familiar with McCain's strategy."

More: "'The desire for parity on television comes at the expense of investment in paid boots on the ground,' said one top Republican strategist who has been privy to McCain's plans. 'The folks who will oversee the volunteer operation have been told to get out into the field on their own nickel.'" 

This is a decision that will get second-guessed by a number of folks if McCain doesn't pull off this election. There already are a number of Republicans we're hearing from that wish the McCain-RNC team would cut their ad spending in half and invest that money in a ground game.