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McCain finally finds his plumber

Joe the Plumber says McCain is 'real American'

From NBC/NJ's Adam Aigner-Treworgy
ELYRIA, Ohio -- After looking for him to no avail at his Ohio bus tour stop this morning, McCain found Joe the Plumber in Sandusky this afternoon and then brought him along to Lorain Community College as well. Although both the candidate and his new traveling companion made mostly the same remarks at each stop, Joe added one key line.

"Get out there and vote; it's very important," Joe said, after extolling the virtues of being well informed. "You get out here and get the American people back in charge of our government. Hold politicians' feet to the fire when they mess up. That's what we're out here to do. All right? Smaller government, you know? As far as everyone else here, well, that's the question and go ask them to vote for a real American, John McCain."

At the first stop, Joe had simply encouraged the crowd to vote without telling them to support McCain. But before a much smaller crowd at the college, Joe was a bit more specific.

During his introduction, McCain also had many a kind word for Joe, who has become something of a mascot for his campaign. 

"So my friends, all the efforts we made in trying to make sure Americans understood that Sen. Obama wants to raise your taxes and he wants to increase your spending by $1 trillion, was the man who spoke for small businesses all over America Joe the Plumber," McCain said.