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Battleground: Robocalls in AZ?

ARIZONA: TPM reports that McCain is running robo-calls against Obama in his home state. "The call signals genuine worry about McCain's home state at a time when several polls show the race to be much closer than expected there." 

COLORADO: Per the Denver Post: "Ballots cast by voters who have been canceled from the state's voter rolls since mid-May will get extra oversight to make sure their votes are counted, under an agreement reached late Wednesday in U.S. District Court." Three Dem-leaning groups "sued Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman, alleging that his office had violated the National Voter Registration Act by illegally purging about 31,000 eligible voters from the rolls 90 days before the election."

FLORIDA: More than one in five early voters in Florida are African-American, the Orlando Sentinel reports, but young people don't appear to be voting at high rates.

MISSOURI: The St. Louis Dispatch front-pages a numbers-rich primer on Missouri voting and potential problems at the ballot Tuesday. 

NEW HAMPSHIRE: The intrigue around the New Hampshire primary is long since forgotten, but Secretary of State Bill Gardner is still keeping busy, with record turnout expected in the Granite State next Tuesday. "Gardner said he is expecting a turnout of close to 80 percent of the state's 884,000 registered voters, with 40,000 signing up on Election Day. In 2004, about 683,000 voted."

NORTH CAROLINA: The Raleigh News & Observer does the crowd count math: "While Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has spoken to crowds totaling 169,050 in almost all of the major metropolitan areas of the state, McCain has come here only a handful of times. ... In all, McCain has spoken to about 17,900 people."

: "In interviews around this prairie state, most people say the economy is a top issue and they're frustrated with government," the AP reports. "But they also aren't sure how to express that frustration -- some Republicans are turning to Obama for change, while some Democrats say they aren't comfortable with Obama's level of experience. Either way, their support for McCain isn't a sure thing."

OHIO:  Hey, remember the gas tax holiday idea? This Columbus Dispatch headline offers a reminder that worrying about gas prices is SO last summer: "Gas for $1.99 bringing 'a lot of joy.'" 
LeBron James and Jay-Z held a rally for Obama in Cleveland last night, telling their young audience, "Nov. 4 is the most important day of our lives."

: A Philly Inquirer story profiles Westmoreland County, east of Pittsburgh, where John McCain appears to be besting Barack Obama by a wide margin. The piece offers a good caveat to keep in mind when crunching those voter registration numbers: "Republicans won big in Westmoreland in the last two presidential elections, even though there are 49,187 more registered Democrats than Republicans in the county. Those victories were built upon defections among conservative Democrats and growth in GOP-friendly bedroom communities along U.S. Route 30." Bush won the district, 56%-44%.