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Joe the closer?

From NBC/NJ's Mke Memoli
WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Joe the Biden as Joe the Closer?

Speaking in a town where Little League Baseball is king, Biden got a chance to crow about the new Major League Baseball World Series champions, the Philadelphia Phillies. It seems his wife is the real fan of the family, though, having braved the elements to see both nights of Game 5.

"I'm on the campaign trail, she says, 'Joe I'm going to the Series,'" Biden said during a rally at Lycoming College. "So on Monday night in the rain, hair matted down, sitting outside soaking wet, she sat through the whole deal. She went back to, to the game last night and was there."

The Delaware senator and Scranton native, meanwhile, didn't even watch the end of the game last night, taking off from Florida just about 20 minutes before the final out was recorded. His wife not only was there, but appeared on sports talk radio in Philadelphia this morning, talking quite a bit about closer Brad Lidge.

"Worries me a little, sister," he said to a nun in the audience.

When the two spoke, Jill kept talking about Lidge, who saved the game last night and ended a season in which he didn't blow a single save the entire year. Biden said his wife urged him to play a similar role for the Democratic ticket.

"She said, 'Joe, you have to do what this campaign needs, what Brad did that night. Lights out tonight. Lights out!"

Biden said he wasn't sure he could be as dominant as the Phillies right-hander but hopes to build on support in the Keystone State, which he said will "make the gigantic difference in who the next President of the United States of America is."

He also worked some baseball terminology into his remarks about the negative attacks coming from the McCain campaign.

"They don't want you to focus on the things that genuinely affect your lives," he said. "This is all designed, all designed to take your eye off the ball."