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Palin: The future of the GOP?

The New York Times writes that, win or lose on Tuesday, many conservative see Palin as the future of the GOP. "Matthew Dowd, a former Bush strategist, said Ms. Palin's challenge was to show substance. 'She's an attractive woman who can give a great speech, but the American public doesn't view her much beyond that,' Mr. Dowd said. 'She's vastly unpopular among moderate and independent voters, and while she could be in a position to be popular among an increasingly smaller Republican Party, she's got to figure out a way to extend that and figure out a way to strengthen her weaknesses."

Perhaps this is why Palin gives a policy speech on energy today in Toledo, OH.

Speaking of the future of the GOP, Politico's Martin has the scoop on a secret meeting already set by some conservatives just a few days after the election.

Palin will return to Anchorage on Monday evening, so she can vote in Wasilla on Tuesday before heading back to the Lower 48 to join McCain in Phoenix, NBC's Savannah Guthrie reports. "Gov. Palin is very excited to return home to vote," spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton said. "Governor Palin launched her public service career from Wasilla and she will return there to cast her vote."