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Down the ballot: Is it McCain or Bush?

It's official: The CW is moving toward assuming that John McCain is now a drag on the GOP. But is it really McCain or Bush? It's not like Senate Dem candidates are running against McCain, right?

The Alaska GOP is still pushing Ted Stevens' re-election bid.

The RNC tapped a line of credit to help troubled senate incumbents. Some money went directly to the NRSC, and some went directly to the campaigns. "Of the endangered Republican seats, Duncan said the RNC was especially watching contests Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oregon and North Carolina."

And the AP looks at possible successors for whoever wins the White House. For Obama, "One strong contender is Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who is close to Obama and would inherit Obama's position as the only black member of the Senate. Two other black candidates are state Senate President Emil Jones and Secretary of State Jesse White" -- though both are in their 70s. "Other state officials mentioned as candidates are Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Comptroller Dan Hynes. Both are possible challengers to Blagojevich in the 2010 gubernatorial primary, so the governor could narrow the field of rivals by sending one off to Washington. Rep. Jan Schakowsky also expressed interest this year in replacing Obama."
In Arizona, "Rep. John Shadegg, a conservative facing a tough re-election campaign this year, is seen as a leading Republican candidate if the Senate seat opens up in 2010. In the meantime, Napolitano might be more prone to pick a moderate to fill the seat for the next two years." Napolitano might run herself in 2010. "Moderate Republicans mentioned as possible Napolitano choices include former Rep. Jim Kolbe, former state Attorney General Grant Woods, Arizona Corporation Commissioner member Kris Mayes and state Rep. Chris Herstam."
In Delaware, "Biden's eldest son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, has been mentioned as a possible successor, but that may not happen now that he is being deployed to Iraq with his National Guard unit. Some Delaware Democrats are pushing for Minner to appoint Lt. Gov. John Carney, who last month lost the Democratic gubernatorial primary to state treasurer Jack Markell. Carney has said he would be interested in the Senate job if Biden becomes vice president, but said he has not been approached by Biden or Minner."