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Down the ballot: Meet Mark Udall

COLORADO: The Rocky Mountain News offers this campaign profile of the man who may be Colorado's new senator after next week, Mark Udall.

NEVADA: After winning NV-3 in 2004 54%-40%, in 2006, Jon Porter (R) escaped with a slim 48%-47% victory in 2006 over Sen. Harry Reid's former press secretary, Tessa Hafen (D). But this time around, "Democratic registration has surged," the AP writes. "Since the Republican legislator was first elected in 2002, Democrats have added 50,000 voters to their rolls in Nevada's 3rd District. The party now boasts a 30,000-voter lead over Republicans. Furthermore, many of his constituents are dissatisfied with President Bush, the Iraq war and, most recently, the implosion of a local economy that runs on tourism and development."

NORTH CAROLINA: The Raleigh News & Observer offers a primer on the Dole-Hagan race. "There has been little talk of what … Dole or her Democratic challenger, Kay Hagan, would do about health care, the economy or U.S. foreign policy. Instead, the race has turned into a referendum on President Bush."