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Palin team rebuffs reports of discord

From NBC/NJ's Matthew Berger
SIOUX CITY, Iowa -- Sarah Palin left no one wondering Saturday how she was dealing with the brisk Iowan air.

"It was nice and crisp gettin' off the airplane ... it reminded me a lot of Alaska, so I put my warm jacket on. And it is my own jacket," Palin said at a rally at Sioux City West High School. "It doesn't belong to anybody else."

Palin's quip came amid growing questions about her campaign and tensions among the traveling staff. The Politico reported Saturday that Palin had lost confidence in some of her senior aides and begun relying more on her own instincts.

The article suggested reports this week that the Republican National Committee had spent $150,000 on clothing for her and her family was a final straw.

The Palin campaign was quick to respond to the reports of friction, with campaign spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt delivering a statement at the back of the campaign plane.

"Unnamed sources with their own agenda will say what they want, but from Gov. Palin on down, we have one agenda and that is to win on Election Day," she said.

At the rally, Palin suggested tax increases would create a society where what you thought was yours would be shared by everybody else.

"I don't know what to think of having in my family Uncle Barney Frank or others to make decisions for me," Palin said. "I and John McCain tend to want to trust the American people with their income, their businesses, their things."