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Powell says he will vote for Obama

From NBC's Chuck Todd
In the taping of Meet the Press this morning, former Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell said he was voting for Obama. Powell noted Obama's "steadiness and an intellectual curiosity," and he also cited the Biden VP pick versus McCain's selection of Palin. "[Obama] has a definitive way of doing business that will do us well."

Powell said he was disappointed by the McCain campaign and its use of Bill Ayers, as well as the robocalls. Ayers, et al have "gone too far," he told NBC's Tom Brokaw.

Powell: "when I look at all of this... But which is the president that we need now... I come to the conclusion ... because of who he is, he has both style and substance ... I think he is a transformational figure... For that reason, I will be voting for Sen. Barack Obama."