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Unanswered questions on special needs

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
McCain mentioned that Palin knows more about the issue of autism than nearly anyone. What evidence is there of that?
Because Palin has a child with Down Syndrome, it can be safely assumed she feels a connection with parents of children with special needs.
But what does McCain-Palin specifically want to do about special education? Do they agree with IDEA? Do they want to expand rights for special-education students to private schools? Do they want to increase funding? Do they want more access, by way of funding, to special-ed advocates?
McCain also said they want to help find a cure. But how?
The NIH budget has been slashed in the past eight years. Does McCain-Palin propose additional funding, particularly for autism or Down's research?
We don't know. Nothing was or has been laid out.