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Battleground: Where's McCain on TV?

COLORADO: The Denver Post: "To understand the candidates' political field strategy in a swing state is to understand some of the most scientific approaches that exist in unearthing wavering voters and pulling them over the fence.  The campaigns are wary about giving specifics, but a week of shadowing door-knockers, phone banks and outreach efforts on both sides revealed bare-knuckled aggression to woo voters from Denver to Sterling to Pueblo to Montrose."

FLORIDA: Florida consultants worry aloud, "Where's McCain on TV?" Per the Orlando Sentinel: "From late September through Oct. 4, Barack Obama outspent McCain on TV advertising by more than 3-to-1, according to the University of Wisconsin's Advertising Project. The Illinois Democrat dumped more than $2.1 million into state TV buys, while McCain spent $659,000. 'I don't get it,' said a leading Republican consultant who did not want to publicly question the McCain campaign. 'They're getting killed on the air.'"

INDIANA: Sarah Palin will hit Indianapolis Friday.

NEVADA: A Las Vegas Review-Journal poll shows Obama up 47%-45%.  In August, McCain led by seven.

NORTH CAROLINA: McCain is making his first campaign stop in Tar Heel State since May. "McCain, who will appear at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, is trying to win over many of the conservative Democrats who have cast their ballots for Republicans in the past. His visit follows a similar one in Greenville last week by his vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin. 'The demographics of Eastern North Carolina is that it has a lot of working-class white voters,' said Peter Francia, a political science professor at East Carolina University. 'Republicans have an opportunity to win those and have proven that in past elections.'"

"President Bush carried the East over Democrat John Kerry by a 60 percent to 40 percent in 2004, according to exit polls. The East is an area that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton -- and her husband, former President Clinton -- worked heavily in the May Democratic primary. And it is a region where Democrat Barack Obama showed some weakness, even while he was winning the state."

North Carolina early voting begins Thursday.

PENNSYLVANIA: Voters in Scranton are reluctantly taking a second look at Obama, despite the rancor sown there during the Democratic primary. 
The Swamp outlines both candidates' negatives in the Keystone State, and it's not pretty for McCain.

VIRGINIA: The Wall Street Journal has a good piece on how Virginia has become a battleground state.

Bill Clinton drew 4,000 yesterday in Richmond.

Sarah Palin will be in Virginia at the Richmond Motor Speedway; the rally should draw thousands.