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MoveOn pins bailout on McCain, Bush

From NBC's Carrie Dann
The newest in MoveOn.org's "My Friends" series - an ad campaign knocking McCain's advisers and associates - takes on the Arizona senator over his advisors' role in the dergulation leading up to the Wall Street crash.  The bill slams deregulator Phil Gramm and former Freddie/Fannie lobbyist and McCain campaign manager Rick Davis.

But the Number One "friend" targeted in the new spot is none other than George Bush, and the crime is his bailout proposal  --  which both Obama and McCain have guardedly endorsed.

*** UPDATE *** RNC spokesman Alex Conant sent on this response when the ad was first unveiled last week: ""Barack Obama's liberal allies are launching a partisan attack at the precise moment we should be putting politics aside and working to solve the problem. These sorts of false attacks by special interest groups are part of what's wrong with Washington."

"John McCain's friend George Bush wants hard-working Americans to write the biggest blank check in history," says the ad's narrator. 

Both presidential candidates urged for the bill's passage over the weekend, offering measured support for the compromise legislation reached on the Hill early Sunday morning.

Calling the bailout bill "outrageous," the ad concludes that "Americans shouldn't have to foot the bill for mistakes John McCain and his friends made."

Also among the flurry of ads hitting TV and radio airwaves today is a McCain-Palin response to Obama's accusation - almost uniformly characterized as misleading by fact-checkers - that McCain opposes stem cell research. "John McCain and his Congressional allies fought FOR stem cell research.  They stood up and said stem cell research was too important for you and your family," says the narrator of a new radio ad running in swing states' urban centers.  

John McCain has voiced support for stem cell research, to the dismay of some religious conservatives in his party, but running mate Palin opposes it.