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Debate word count

From NBC's Carrie Dann
With much being made by both campaigns today out of the words both candidates did not say, here's a recap of some of the noteworthy counts from last night.  

Obama used the phrase "middle class" three times, and "working families" once. McCain said neither, giving Team Obama a new stump line and fodder for a new ad set to air Monday.  

Obama invoked "Bush" ten times, with most of the mentions linking McCain to the administration, at one point simply calling Bush "your president" directly to his rival. McCain said the name of the man he would succeed zero times.

Both candidates mentioned their running mates, although McCain did not refer to Palin by name, but as "a partner that's a good maverick." 

With much talk about military strategy, "troops" were the subject of eighteen mentions for Obama and eleven for McCain. The Arizona senator mentioned General David Petraeus twelve times; Obama mentioned him once.

The McCain camp highlighted today that Obama "failed to utter the word 'victory' a single time" in last night's debate. That's correct; McCain himself mentioned it twice. (It's worth noting that the cautious Petraeus has said that he's not eager to use the word himself in describing his hopes for peace in the region.)