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Hot off the presses II

The McCain campaign just sent out an email to supporters that highlights his return to DC tonight to "to resume negotiations with the Administration and Congressional leaders from both parties to forge a bipartisan solution to our economic crisis."

More: "We cannot be interested in who would get credit for finding a solution and who would be blamed if an agreement cannot be reached. We must put our country first to solve this economic crisis. Because in the end, that's what leaders do in times of crisis."

Citing that "we are ready to lead and the Obama-Biden Democrats are not," the email ends with an appeal for fundraising dollars.

"In the final weeks of this campaign, we will need to fund crucial get-out-the-vote and grassroots activities that will assist our entire ticket, from the top to the bottom to secure victory on Election Day. I'm asking you to help us by making a contribution right now to McCain-Palin Victory 2008."