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Meeting? What meeting?

From NBC's Ken Strickland
There was supposed to be a bipartisan meeting between the principle Congressional negotiators on the bailout legislation at 3pm today. No Paulson, no Bernanke--just House and Senate members. 

But apparently, someone forgot to invite the Republicans.

The meeting didn't happen.  They'll try to reschedule.

Who did show up? The Democrats. Democratic Senators Chris Dodd, Kent Conrad, Chuck Schumer, and Max Baucus, and  Democratic House members Barney Frank and Rahm Emanuel came by.

It should have been obvious to us press folks that something was wrong.  Judd Gregg of New Hampshire is the negotiator for Senate Republicans.  He walked down the hall toward the meeting room door and then walked right passed it.  He never even made a move to open the door. 

The press assumed he was coming back.  He never did.