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Biden takes Amtrak to Delaware

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
MEDIA, Pa. -- It was almost like old times.
After a morning in Washington, Joe Biden headed to Union Station to take Amtrak back to Wilmington, as he has for most of his 36 years in the United States Senate. All that was different today was the accompanying Secret Service and media contingent with him.
The trip on the rails was officially just a matter of routine and convenience. "Shorter than driving or flying," explained spokesman David Wade.
"We're going back to Wilmington so I can see my wife, pack and go on a three-day bus trip," Biden said, mentioning his upcoming Ohio bus tour.
The photo op also underscored one of the most common storylines for the Delaware senator -- that despite his long tenure in the Senate, he's never been part of Washington.
Despite the additional security that comes with being vice presidential nominee, Biden rode a regularly scheduled Acela train. He took a seat in the first passenger car -- appropriately not the quiet car -- which was closed off to other passengers. But eventually, he did travel through some of the other cars.
"You're on television now, I'm sorry, can't control this," he told one passenger, explaining the ever-present camera crew accompanying him on board. "If we get elected, it will be the most train-friendly administration ever," he told another.
Biden also happened upon a woman from the Brennan Center for Justice, who testified this morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Biden said he would have been there if he weren't "doing this," according to a pool report of the trip. Biden mostly just had quick greetings with passengers on board, but he did discuss some legal issues with her and another woman with her, an NYU law student.
"When I go abroad, every world leader I sit with, the first thing they talk about, after about five minutes is about the rule of law," Biden said. "About Guantanamo, about what's happening to us, about what's going on. We literally, we used to be that [city] on a hill. ... It has, we have used the phrase 'we have created rather than dissuaded more terrorists than by our actions.'"
Biden also visited the cafe car to get a non-alcoholic cranberry cocktail. "I'm the only guy you know who doesn't drink," Biden told a reporter on board. "Never had a drink in my life, too many alcoholics in my family."

After the 75-minute trip to Wilmington, Biden exited the train and ran into some familiar faces at the Wilmington station.

"You're like family," Biden was heard saying to a worker there.

After some time at home in Wilmington, Biden was to make his way to an event here in Media -- by car.