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No, this is not SNL

From NBC's Chuck Todd
Both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin will participate in a protest on Monday of the presence of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadienjad, NBC News has learned. 

The two politicians will not appear together at the protest but will both participate, according to those close to the organizing of this protest. The event is being organized by a coalition of groups (mostly Jewish) upset by the presence of Ahmadienjad in New York at the opening of the U.N. General Assembly and the threat Iran presents to "global security."  

The protest will take place across the street from the U.N.

*** UPDATE *** NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports Hillary Clinton will not be attending the rally. An aide said they were not aware it had become a partisan political event. The groups had issued a press release saying both Clinton and Palin would be attending. The news release was the first that Clinton's people knew of Palin's involvement. Palin is expected to be at the U.N. next week to be introduced to visiting foreign leaders -- part of the McCain campaign's attempt to burnish her foreign policy credentials.