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Biden lashes out at 'Rovian' tactics

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
Biden said this morning that he is disappointed in the campaign being waged by his friend, John McCain, saying he's seeing the same "Karl Rovian tactics" used today that felled the Arizona senator in 2000.

"What really disappoints me is the very tactics used against [McCain in 2000], they're trying to use against Barack Obama," Biden said at a fundraiser in Boston this morning. "It's literally saddening. I didn't expect it. But I guess I should learn to expect everything."

Yet Biden expressed confidence that "swiftboating is not going to work this time," in part because he thinks the electorate is more focused about "big ticket items," but also because he said he'd personally fight back, or, "smack 'em right square in the chops."

"I tell you what, you know anything about me, I ain't rolling over," he said. "There's no possibility."

He promised that he and Obama will "take this thing to a new level," and as long as the Democratic ticket can "keep this close, we win." That's where the money pitch came in.

"All we want is to punch back. All we want is to respond," he said. "We know we cannot let scurrilous accusations go unanswered... That's where we need you."

Even as he expressed confidence the Democrats will regain momentum, he said the election will be no "slam dunk."

"I think we're going to be up late Tuesday night counting the votes," he said. "This is going to be a fight. But it's a fight I think we are completely up to."