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McCain hits Obama on defense, 'bitter'

From NBC/NJ's Adam Aigner-Treworgy
LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- For months McCain has been accusing Obama of blind allegiance to the Democratic Party, but today he said that his opponent's failure to buck his party could be dangerous when it comes to defense spending.

"This weekend Sen. Obama was asked for an example of a time when he bucked his party," McCain said. "His answer was defense spending. He says now he wants to increase it, but during the primary he told a liberal advocacy group that he'd cut defense spending by tens of billions of dollars. And he promised them he would quote 'slow our development of future combat systems.'"

McCain added that recently America has realized that "this is an even more dangerous world than we had thought" and that this is not a time to "slow our development of future combat systems."

"This is not that time," McCain said. "And that's not bucking his party, that's telling them just what they want to hear."

Catering to the Left is "wrong for America," McCain said, and Obama's "wrong for America." But continuing in his campaign's tradition of comparing McCain's running mate to Obama rather than McCain himself, the GOP nominee concluded, "This governor is right for America. Sarah Palin is right for America."

Traveling with the GOP ticket today was also Palin's husband Todd. After introducing Todd Palin and calling him a "wonderful father," McCain made an obtuse reference to Obama's controversial comments about bitterness in small-town America by saying that his ticket would bring the Palins' values back to Washington.

"Americans, wherever they are, aren't like Sen. Obama said in small towns in Pennsylvania that only cherish their Second Amendment rights and their religion because they don't like the economic conditions," McCain said. "Americans in Missouri, Pennsylvania and all over this country value those rights because they love America, because they love America."