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Obama: At another football stadium

— From one football stadium to another… Two days after Obama and his running mate Joe Biden spoke before a crowd of some 85,000 people at the home of the Denver Broncos -- and a television audience of more than 38 million -- they brought their ticket yesterday to a high school football stadium in Dublin, OH, NBC/NJ's Athena Jones reports.

The Bidens and the Obamas were on the second day of a bus tour through battleground states, after which the senators will split up to campaign separately. They are working to win over voters in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan -- all places where Obama lost to Clinton in the primary season - with their focus on kitchen-table issues and an appeal to middle and working class voters. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, Sen. Sherrod Brown and former Sen. John Glenn each gave brief remarks at the event.

While Brown said John McCain's pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin showed poor judgment, Obama made no direct mention of the governor, instead speaking about a state his campaign had hoped to make competitive and focusing on what he saw as his own running mate's strengths. "After 19 months of traversing this country, traveling to every state except Alaska, which now that I think about it, I'm gonna have to go up there now," he said, sparking laughter. "In the remainder of this journey, I am gonna have with me one of the great statesmen, a man who knows how to talk to world leaders, but also knows how to treat the conductors on the Amtrak train that he takes home every night."