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Hillary booed at McCain-Palin event

From NBC/NJ's Matthew Berger
WASHINGTON, Pa. – Palin's nod to Hillary Clinton may not go over well everywhere, because at a rally Saturday, the mere mention of her name brought a chorus of boos.

Palin was lauded for speaking of Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro in her speech Friday in Dayton, acknowledging the role their candidacies had played for other women, including herself. It was seen as a smart political gesture toward winning over some of the Clinton supporters who feel disenfranchised and may not vote for Obama in November.

She gave essentially the same speech today at a minor league baseball stadium outside of Pittsburgh. But when she said Saturday that Clinton "showed determination and grace in her own campaign," there were an audible boos smattered amid the cheers. Palin ignored the boos and continued on with her speech.
McCain and Palin were joined there by former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, who was himself a vice presidential prospect. Palin acknowledged Ridge, whom she said she hadn't met but was a fan of.