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Hillary backers come around to Obama

From NBC's Cherelle Kantey
Karen Crouch, 47, flew to Denver from San Antonio, TX to hear what Hillary's advice would be to her delegates. As a delegate from a district where a majority of her constituents voted for Clinton, she came to the "Friends of Hillary Delegates Reception" yesterday at the Colorado Convention Center looking for guidance.

"I came to the convention ready to follow her lead," said Crouch. "And now I think I can vote the Democratic ticket with confidence."

She says hearing Sen. Clinton tell her delegates to vote their conscience and ultimately releasing them was a courageous move that would bring unity to a divided party. "I respect her so much," said Crouch. "On the national level, she's done so much trailblazing for women. To tell people to vote their heart will bring the party out of here united.

The crowded room filled with Hillary supporters flocked to get a peek at the former first lady as she exited the stage, while a few Obama supporters lingered toward the back of the room.

Christopher Stampolis, 42, is a superdelegate from Santa Clara, California who today threw his support to Sen. Obama. Even with the divisions created with an extended primary, he says voting for a Democratic president is in the best interest of the nation.
"We need to do some internal housekeeping, but it doesn't mean you should vote for the Republican candidate," said Stampolis. "I don't think it's about party unity, it's about national unity."