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Biden meets with firefighters, guardsmen

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
DENVERĀ -- Joe Biden today again called John McCain a hero, but said that he disagrees with his "good friend" over the way forward in Iraq.

"He's a real hero," the Delaware senator told members of National Guard units stationed outside of Invesco Field. "We're going to have our disagreements, we're going to have our disagreements on policy. The one thing that we kind of disagree on, that is, what do we do now for you to be able to do the job we're asking you to do."

He praised the work of guardsmen who have encountered more in recent years than the probably bargained for, saying, "This isn't your father's National Guard." He also noted that his own son, Beau, is going to be deployed to Iraq soon, and asked the group to keep an eye out for him if they returned.

"He'll keep an eye out for you guys," he added. "Keep the faith, go get 'em."

Biden also spoke to a group of firefighters at the site, talking about his great personal affection for the bravest who helped save the lives of his two sons, and his own when he suffered an aneurism.

"Look us over," he urged the group. "If you don't like what we're doing, pick up the phone and holler at my campaign."

Biden spent about 15 minutes meeting with the two groups, shaking hands and posing for pictures as well. As one guardsman asked for a photo, he gladly obliged.

"If I had your hair I'd be president, you know what I mean?" he told him. "I wouldn't be screwing around with this job."