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Biden talks to PA delegation, jokes about age

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
DENVER -- Feeling comfortable speaking to the delegation from what he said was his second home, Joe Biden made light of Obama's relative youth as he joked about his own early start in politics.

Biden said that after he was picked as Obama's running mate, he asked his staff to look up the speech he made when he announced his candidacy for the Senate in 1972. And reading it, he found great similarity between his message than and Obama's today.

"The truth of the matter, it's a natural fit," Biden said. "Barack Obama could have made that speech were he alive in 1972."

He laughed, and quickly clarified that Obama was, in fact, alive at the time.

"By the way, if I hear one more time he was 11 years old when I went to the Senate, I'm going to smack somebody," he continued.

Biden talked about growing up in Scranton and hearing his extended family talking about politics around the dinner table. He only left, he said, because he lived only blocks away from the Casey family, and, "I knew only one great person came out of Scranton and it wasn't gonna be me."

Biden said the Keystone State would determine the election, and promised that the full arsenal of the well-stocked Obama campaign would be put to work there.

"You're going to have all the resources this campaign has available to us. That's the good news," he said. "And the bad news is you're going to have a whole hell of a lot of me because I'm coming home."

In fact, the Obama-Biden campaign heads to Pennsylvania tomorrow to start a post-convention tour.