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DNC prepares reporters for St. Paul

From NBC's Mark Murray
DENVER -- There is no rest for the weary. Tomorrow -- probably just as McCain announces his VP pick -- much of the political press corps will depart here to Minneapolis-St. Paul for next week's GOP convention.

And to get reporters ready for Minnesota, the Democratic National Committee yesterday passed around a travel kit containing a few gags targeted at McCain and the GOP. For starters, there's a button that reads, "Ask Me How Many Houses I Own." There's also a press credential featuring McCain's now-famous embrace of Bush ("More of the same," it says). And there are two candy bars -- 100 Grand and Pay Day -- obviously reminders of the folks who will be attending the GOP convention.

This is the latest gag that the political parties have sent reporters. A few weeks ago, the Republican National Committee mailed tire gauges to the press corps to poke fun at Obama. The DNC also sent "Exxon-McCain '08" paraphernalia to reporters. 

*** UPDATE *** A Republican strategist, referring to the Tums and Tylenol also included in the DNC kit, responds: "We're hearing the Tums and Tylenol in the package were meant for Dem delegates and party members suffering from migraines and nausea."