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Kucinich's 'wake-up' call

From NBC's Abigail Williams
Wake Up America!

Never failing to provide a good show, Dennis Kucinch did not disappoint tonight. He gave what may be the most lively performance yet at this year's Democratic National Convention.

Dedicating his speech to Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Kucinich started with a heavy attack on the current administration that only became more blunt as the speech continued.

"Tens of billions of dollars in cash and weapons disappeared into thin air at the cost of the lives of our troops and innocent Iraqis while all of the president's oil men are maneuvering to grab Iraq's oil."

Lines like, "money to start a hot war with Iran, now we have another cold war with Russia," left far more of the audience in laughter than serious contemplation, but that did not stop Kucinich from continuing his rampage.

"The pharmaceutical companies took over drug pricing, wake up America! The speculators took over Wall Street, wake up America! They want your social security, wake up America!"

Obama's name was dropped only once during the speech, but the energy behind Kucinich belied a ringing endorsement. All 5-7 of his stature flew up and down on the stage as he yelled, "Up with healthcare for all! Up with education for all! Up with home ownership! Up with guaranteed retirement benefits! Up with peace! Up with prosperity! Up with the democratic party! Up with Obama/Biden! Wake up America! Wake up America!"