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Does rollout schedule rule out Lieberman?

From NBC/NJ's Matthew E. Berger
The McCain campaign reportedly plans to roll out its vice presidential choice throughout the weekend with rallies at sports arenas in Ohio on Friday, Pennsylvania on Saturday, and Missouri on Sunday.
If the plans are to be believed, it may very well rule out the potential for Sen. Joe Lieberman to be McCain's running mate. Lieberman, a religious Jew, does not campaign on Saturdays and most likely would not drive in the bus that is transporting McCain and his new VP. Lieberman was known to even skip his official Senate nomination at the Connecticut Democratic convention because it was held on a Saturday, and he adhered to the Sabbath while running with Al Gore in 2000 as well. He does vote when the Senate is in session on Saturdays, but walks to the Capitol.
Certainly, Lieberman could skip the Saturday event and rejoin McCain on Sunday outside of St. Louis. But it would be an awkward way to roll out an already controversial running mate.