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DC goes Denver

From NBC's Katie Primm
There are hundreds of DC insiders wandering the streets of Denver today before attending the first night of the convention -- senators, governors, delegates, and even Abe Lincoln. Well, a Lincoln impersonator with a full beard and stovepipe hat to complete the costume.

Honest Abe, like many visitors this week, had a cause to push -- a voting voice in Congress. Washington, D.C., does not have a voting member in Congress. DC's non-voting representative in the House, Eleanor Holmes Norton, will be giving one of Tuesday afternoon's speeches asking again for the District to be granted that vote.

There are four other non-voting members of Congress -- America Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. D.C. has been allowed three votes in the Electoral College since 1961 with the passage of the 23rd amendment.

Streets of swag
Obama '08 buttons and shirts may be collectors' items years from now for convention attendees, but there is no shortage of them on street corners this week in downtown Denver. Vendors have set up tables and carts all around the perimeter of the Pepsi Center hoping to sell their wares.

Obama paraphernalia is a popular seller and the most cost-effective. Hillary Clinton merchandise is being sold at most stands for double the cost.

And the DNC doesn't have a monopoly on the goods either. Most vendors are stocked with elephants and McCain buttons as well. However, some vendors showed off those stashes from under their tables and only bring them out upon request in a town now occupied by Democrats.