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Michelle Obama meets the press, sort of

From NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann
DENVER -- With mere hours to go before her address to the Democratic National Convention tonight, Michelle Obama was not planning on taking any questions. But during this morning's walkthrough in front of the podium where she will speak tonight, a few reporters sent the softballs sailing anyway.

"Michelle, do you have any words for the Swedish women?" asked a thickly accented Scandinavian voice from amidst the gaggle of reporters assembled to watch Mrs. Obama's practice run. "They really admire you!"

As handlers on the floor harshly whispered their reminders that Mrs. Obama would not be taking questions from the press gathered on the convention floor, the aspiring first lady seemed caught off guard. "Tell them thank you," she responded politely.

With one question fielded, more were shouted out. "Are you excited about tonight?" yelled one reporter. 

Asked by another, "Is it a harmonious convention?" the senator's wife responded with a firm nod. "Yes, it is.

Mrs. Obama passed on other inquiries about the content of tonight much-awaited address, choosing instead to stand squarely in front of the podium and purposefully survey the hall that has slowly filled with press types and visitors throughout the morning.  Daughter Sasha, age 7, stuck close by her mother, at one point reaching up to smack the convention gavel down. When the resulting reverberation boomed throughout the room, she giggled, "I didn't know it was going to be so loud!"

Mrs. Obama was accompanied on the practice run by both daughters, as well as by brother Craig Robinson, who will introduce her tonight.