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Delegates, on your marks...

From NBC's Katie Primm
For many states that don't get covered in-depth during the campaign season, their moment in the sun with the country's attention is the convention and each state would like prominent placement on the Pepsi Center floor and near the stage.

Colorado, the host state, and Illinois, home of Barack Obama, are front and center on the floor -- best seats in the house.

For the rest of the open floor seats, any number of factors could come into play. A strong Democratic state, New York, has a place on the floor; it can't hurt to placate some Hillary Clinton supporters as well.

A battleground state, Ohio, also has a floor position. Perhaps trying to win over disgruntled primary voters (see the reinstatement of their full delegate votes), some of whom never saw the candidates during the five-month primary season, Florida and Michigan also have coveted spots.

During set up in the Pepsi Center on Friday and Saturday, the Delaware delegation was more than a dozen rows back in the stands, off the floor and all the way to the side. Yesterday Delaware moved up front next to Illinois in honor of VP pick, Sen. Joe Biden, who is expected to be in attendance at the convention before his speech on Wednesday night.

And who took Delaware's original place up and in the corner? Delegates from American Samoa (no electoral votes) and, perennial small-state competitor, Rhode Island (four electoral votes).