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Obama talks about Biden, convention

From NBC/NJ's Athena Jones
EAU CLAIRE, WI -- Obama spoke for about a minute and a half on tarmac here today, but did not take questions. 

As the plane engines roared, the senator talked about Biden's strengths and about looking forward to his wife's convention speech and how he's still working on his own.

On Biden: "I just wanted to say I am thrilled with Joe Biden as my VP, the conversations we've been having the last couple of days make me absolutely convinced he's the right man for the job. He's got the passion to lift up middle-class Americans ... hasn't forgotten his working class roots. He's got the expertise that will make him a great counselor on international crises that may come up. More importantly, I think he can help shape a long-term strategy to make America more secure and move us out of the disastrous economic and foreign policy that have characterized the last eight years."

On the Democratic convention: "I am very excited about the convention. I can't wait to hear Michelle speak tomorrow. I will tell you that I did get a little preview of the video they did of her, and she was extraordinary. And I think you guys will enjoy it very much. And I'm still tooling around with my speech a little bit. It may not be as good as the other headliners the first three nights, but hopefully it'll make clear the choice that the American people are gonna face in November."

The last time the traveling press were able to ask questions of the senator was Aug. 7, on a flight from Minneapolis to Chicago, the day before he departed for a week-long vacation in Hawaii.