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More Dem reaction to the Biden pick

From NBC's Mark Murray
Howard Dean: "Sen. Obama has made an outstanding selection in Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a strong leader, fierce advocate, and devoted family man with values rooted in the best of what America stands for. He will be a strong partner with Barack Obama in bringing the change America wants and needs."

John Kerry: "From his championship of families hit hardest by a failing economy to his dedication to ending the misguided war in Iraq, Joe Biden is ready to help Barack Obama provide Americans with change we can truly believe in... Barack's vision for a better future for America is reflected in Joe's commitment to middle class issues, understanding of international relations, and duty to country.  I look forward to doing all I can to help elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden as the next President and Vice President of the United States."

Sam Nunn: "I believe that Joe Biden is an excellent choice. He is a man of experience and high integrity. He will be a valuable running mate to Senator Obama."

Bill Richardson: "Joe Biden brings seasoned judgment, foreign policy expertise, and a great sense of humor to the ticket. Joe has paid his dues as a public servant and the vice presidential spot is a deserved capstone to a great career. Barack Obama has shown solid judgment by selecting Joe Biden as his running mate. Joe is someone that Senator Obama and our country can trust."

*** UPDATE *** Evan Bayh (per NBC's Ken Strickland): "Joe Biden is an outstanding public servant with deep experience and a fighting spirit. These qualities will make him a great asset in the White House and on the campaign trail this fall. Indiana and America face challenging times. We are a nation at war with an economy on the rocks. In his most important decision to date, Barack Obama demonstrated the judgment to choose a governing partner who is wise and strong and will help him deliver change to a country yearning for it. I enthusiastically support the selection of Senator Biden.

"It was an honor to be considered, and I hope it reflects well on the state of Indiana that a Hoosier was in the running. I am proud to serve in the United States Senate and will continue to work each day to make a difference in the lives of the people of my state."