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Giuliani to keynote GOP convention

From NBC's Chuck Todd
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will keynote the Republican National Convention. One-time Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman will also speak at the Republican convention.

Full list/schedule (Central Time) below:
Overall Theme: Country First
Mon -- Service Day
-- Split sessions 2:30-6 (this is where the rules, platform etc.. will get voted on, including a new primary calendar etc.) ... start again at 7
-- Speakers: before prime-time (pre-9pm): Cheney, Lieberman; Primetime: Arnold, Laura Bush, George W. Bush
Tues -- Reform Day
-- starts 6:30-7
-- Speakers: Ridge, Rosario Marin, Thompson, Lingle, Steele; Primetime (9pm central): Palin, Huckabee, the keynoter is Rudy Giuliani.
Wed -- Prosperity Day
-- starts 6:30
-- Speakers pre-prime time: Coleman, Meg Whitman, Fiorina, Romney. Prime time: Cindy McCain leads off, followed by the VP nominee; they will close prime time hour with the McCain nominator: Bobby Jindal... the roll call will take place about 11pm ET... they will roll through.. AZ will pass... AZ will put him over the top... hope to keep within an hour... could go as long as 90 minutes...
Thurs --
-- Starts 6:30
-- Speakers: Pawlenty, Crist, Brownback, Martinez... In prime time: video of McCain, traditional lead-in to the speech... traditional demonstration... whole prime-time hour, packaged together as McCain's speech.
During all four nights, sometimes in prime time and sometimes in the early evening hours, McCain will have a presence, meaning a live satellite hookup some nights where McCain says high to folks etc. They are not ready for details but expect that since the backdrop for the podium is a gigantic TV screen.