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NBC confirms: Edwards admits to affair

From NBC's Chuck Todd
John Edwards admitted to having an affair with Rielle Hunter in an interview at his home in Chapel Hill, N.C., a senior Edwards adviser who was briefed on the interview with ABC said. 

Edwards talked a lot of how he told his wife, Elizabeth, and other members of his family in 2006. Edwards said the affair ended before he announced for president.

Edwards, according to the source, said he's not aware of any financial transactions to Hunter;

He also talked about how he could reach a point in his life where something like this could even happen -- that he was perhaps blinded by being a celebrity.

Edwards denied being the father of Hunter's child, which was born in Feb. 2008 with no name on the child's birth certificate. Edwards aides Andrew Young -- also married with children -- had admitted to being the child's father. But Young has not commented since the Edwards revelation.

Edwards said he went to the Beverly Hilton, where the National Enquirer claims to have photographed him, to meet not with Hunter, but Bob McGovern, a friend of Hunter's, the source said, adding that this was part of Edwards' effort to keep the affair secret.

As far as the Democratic convention, Edwards doesn't know if he's going to go, the source said, adding, he hasn't been asked.