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Obama weighs in on TN primary

From NBC's Mark Murray
Obama just released this statement on the very negative Democratic primary taking place today between incumbent Rep. Steve Cohen and challenger Nikki Tinker.

"These incendiary and personal attacks have no place in our politics, and will do nothing to help the good people of Tennessee," Obama said. "It's time to turn the page on a politics driven by negativity and division so that we can come together to lift up our communities and our country."

As we mentioned earlier today, Cohen is a white Jew who represents a majority-black district in the Memphis area (it's Harold Ford's old congressional seat). Tinker is black.

The race has received attention -- including from today's New York Times -- because of ads that Tinker is running that features an image of the Ku Klux Klan and another one that says, "While he's in our churches, clapping his hands and tapping his feet ... he's the only senator who thought our kids shouldn't be allowed to pray in school."

Cohen won his primary in 2006 because the black vote was so split. This time, he's facing a smaller primary field.