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Battlegrounds: McCain's ag weakness

A new AP-Ipsos poll has Obama up six points nationally over McCain, 47%-41%.

Want to know why our new NBC News battleground map is so pro-Obama in the agricultural Midwest (Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin)? The AP takes a look at how McCain's opposition to key farm bill provisions has hurt him in the region.

NORTH CAROLINA: Bloomberg News has an interesting story about an early fight in a small town in NC over the registration of new black voters. "Republican voter Richard Gilbert last year challenged the eligibility of several students at historically black Elizabeth City State University to vote in a municipal election. The local elections board dismissed Gilbert's complaint that students are only temporary residents in the town of about 20,000 people."

"Similar fights over voter qualifications will be waged this year, particularly in Southern states, as Democrat Barack Obama's drive to register hundreds of thousands of new black voters clashes with Republican suspicions that get-out-the-vote efforts recruit people who aren't eligible to cast ballots. 'If the Democrats are to have any chance at all of carrying this state, it will only be because of a much larger-than-normal and completely united black vote,'' said David Rohde, a political science professor at Duke University in Durham."

"The North Carolina NAACP in May asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate whether the Elizabeth City complaint was aimed at discouraging lawful voting by black students. 'We challenged that because it could have a ripple effect across North Carolina,' said the state NAACP President, Reverend William Barber."