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New poll: Gender not a big VP factor

From NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann and NBC's Alex Wall
For all the chatter about the pros and cons of picking a female vice president, a new poll commissioned by Lifetime finds that women are not particularly likely to be influenced by the selection of a lady VP. In the poll, 55% of women say that Obama's selection of a female running mate would make no difference to their voting choice, and 62% said the same of McCain. (A Republican woman VP could actually hurt McCain. A full 20% responded that they would be LESS likely to support the GOP nominee if he selected a female on the ticket.) 

Also in the poll, Obama leads McCain overall among women voters by 11 points, 49%-38%, although it's noteworthy that neither candidate breaks the 50% mark. In addition, Obama beats McCain in every demo except among senior women, who favor McCain by nine points. The presumptive Democratic nominee is also ahead with independent voters, 42% to 30%.

Among Hillary Clinton primary voters, 76% said they were voting for Obama and 18% said were for McCain.

Pollster Celinda Lake (D), who conducted the survey with Kellyanne Conway (R), says that Obama is outpacing John Kerry, who won the female vote by only three points in 2004. But she stressed that the Democratic nominee must pass the 50% mark to "put this election away."

The poll was conducted of 700 women voters nationwide, with an oversampling of African-American and Latina women. And its overall margin of error is +/- 4%.