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From Matthew Berger and Carrie Dann
The perfect storm of a long trip to Indiana and the pre-Olympics timing further fuels the veep speculation around Sen. Evan Bayh. A Huffington Post blogger lays out the hints that would point to a decision Wednesday, but later updates to say that Democrats in his universe say they haven't seen any indication that the announcement will come this week.

The first question Rep. Eric Cantor got on a McCain campaign conference call about energy was about his veep aspirations and reports he's been vetted. Cantor refused to take the bait.

Rep. Chet Edwards says thanks for asking, but please stop asking: "I am deeply grateful to Speaker Pelosi for her gracious comments about me and my work in Congress on behalf of veterans and military families," he said in a statement. "Senator Obama has earned the right to manage his own vice presidential selection process, and out of respect to him, any questions about the process should be directed to the Obama campaign."

ON THE RECORD: In case you were wondering, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter confirms that he's not on Obama's short list.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said again to Fox News' Neal Cavuto today that he doesn't have any indication he's on a short list. But he casually pointed out that he COULD be, and just doesn't even know it. "I don't expect it. I never have," he said of veep speculation. "And, frankly, I think if they want to look at me, they could do it in a lot of other ways. I've pretty well been out there on the public stage now for a while having been a candidate. So it probably wouldn't even be necessary."  

WHAT THEY'RE DOING: Bayh joined Obama in signing a letter to the Pentagon, urging increased medical funding for care of Iraq war veterans who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Sens. Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman signed the letter as well, but Bayh's is on top. 

Clinton is wined and dined tonight at a reception with NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will be the featured speaker on Wednesday at a major Democratic fundraiser for Obama in Leelanau County, Mich. (Why Michigan? The local paper notes that she has ties to the area, where "her family has kept a summer home for decades.")

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal declares state of emergencies in several coastal parishes ahead of Tropical Storm Edouard. 

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty speaks to Farmfest 2008, an agricultural trade show, on Tuesday in Morgan, Minn.

CHATTERING CLASS: Jeffrey Goldberg notes that Cantor misspoke and said Obama had called Israel a "constant sore" -- Obama made the comments about the Middle East conflict -- and never apologized. 

The New Republic's Eve Fairbanks assesses that Sebelius is " just more impressive" than Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine
JUST FOR FUN: You too can own a "Mitt for Veep" poster. The signs touting former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for vice president have been seen in Washington, prompting at least one person to think a decision had been made. Turns out its just clever merchandising.