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DNC blasts McCain's 'shameful' tactics

From NBC's Mark Murray
This morning, the Democratic National Committee released a memo criticizing the McCain campaign's negative tactics of the past week. "[I]f you're looking for the right word to sum up McCain's week, try one of these: 'desperate,' 'dishonorable,' 'outright lies,' 'off the mark,' 'nasty,' 'the gutter,' 'baloney,' or 'baseless.'"

The memo adds, "McCain may be proud of his shameful campaign tactics, but the voters expect and deserve better. Polls consistently show the American people are looking for real leadership that offers big ideas for confronting the big challenges facing our country. Since voters already agree that McCain's policies are too close to President Bush's and he has failed to offer proposals that will create jobs, provide tax relief for middle class families or help Americans stay in their homes, McCain has apparently decided that embracing the same old politics is his only path to victory. All of this from a candidate who promised to run a respectful campaign as recently as June."