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Convo watch: Now the gender card?

So we're curious: If Obama had lost, would there have been a push in the Dem platform to add a line that claimed the primary results exposed "pervasive racial bias in the media"?  Exactly...

Anyway, some Clinton supporters are trying to push a line in the Dem platform that claims Clinton's candidacy exposed supposed gender bias. "A Democratic committee devoted to writing the platform is to meet today in Cleveland to hear presentations from policy advocates, then draft the document. 'There were so many examples in the media of sexist comments where we never heard from the party leadership or Barack Obama,' said Stacy Mason, executive director of a political action committee called WomenCount, which claims thousands of members. The group ran newspaper ads in the spring urging Clinton to stay in the contest."

VIDEO: John McCain's campaign manager accuses Barack Obama of playing the "race card" in his campaign. The Obama campaign responds by saying McCain is using the "same old low-road politics." NBC's David Gregory reports.

"'We're focused on why the Democratic leadership was so silent about it during the campaign,' Mason said. 'It was their obligation to come to the defense of one of their own primary candidates, and they didn't. They stayed silent during the campaign, and that's not OK.'"

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News reports that "Hillary Clinton has decided against being nominated for President at the Democrats' Denver convention, but many of her more die-hard partisans may vote for her anyway. A source close to the New York senator confirmed she won't file a formal request to the convention asking to be nominated along with Barack Obama, who eked out the victory in their fierce primary slugfest."