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Battlegrounds: More new polls…

A new CNN/Opinion Research poll has Obama leading McCain by seven points nationally among registered voters, 51%-44%.

Meanwhile, the latest round of Quinnipiac battleground polls show Obama up in Pennsylvania (49%-42%) and statistically tied but leading in Ohio (46%-44%) and Florida (46%-44%). Though Obama still leads, the polls are closer than a month ago with some movement apparent with independents.

VIDEO: NBC Political Director Chuck Todd takes a look at new polls that show John McCain gaining on Barack Obama in swing states and the "ad wars" going on between the candidates.

Looking at Quinnipiac's numbers, the Wall Street Journal notes Obama's losses in demographic groups: "Looking at changes across all four states, independent voters inspired the biggest shift. Obama saw a 26 percentage point loss from June to July, whereas McCain saw a 22 point gain. Similarly, Obama lost 23 points with white males and 22 points with young voters. McCain gained 23 points and 11 points with the respective demographic groups."

MISSOURI: The Washington Post takes a look at Obama's attempts to win the Show Me State. "With a town hall meeting and rally in Springfield, another in Rolla, a stop in Lebanon, and a rainy barbecue here, Obama is trying to mimic Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill's winning game plan from 2006 and get beyond more traditional strategies that left Vice President Al Gore and Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) narrow losers in the Show-Me State. Democrats have traditionally counted on huge margins in St. Louis and Kansas City to counter GOP strength in the rest of the state, and it hasn't worked."