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Kaine continues to get VP questions

From NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann

RICHMOND, VA -- During an hour-long program on Richmond talk-radio station WRVA, Gov. Tim Kaine continued to offer few hints about his status as a reportedly "serious" contender for the vice presidency. The latest mini-nugget: He says that he has NOT been approached to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

"I haven't been contacted about that," he said when asked if he'd be speaking in Denver. "If they want me to, I'd be glad to."

VIDEO: While not making "categorical declarations," Gov. Tim Kaine says he's focused on running the state of Virginia and spending the day with his daughter, not talking to Barack Obama about a possible V.P. candidacy.

Kaine was introduced by the station's producers with a tongue-in-cheek promo: "Ask the Future Possible Vice President." But he diligently continued the refrain that he does not discuss his conversations with Obama's team. 
"I'm not going to make a case for myself for VP, because I haven't ever asked to be considered," he told a call-in questioner who asked about his foreign policy qualifications as a veep. But he quickly added, "You're right: I'm an economy and education guy. That's what governors do."
The guv also happily touted the news this morning that, for the third time, Forbes magazine has named Virginia as the nation's most business-friendly state. He also voiced his support for an exploratory mission to investigate oil reserves off of the Virginia coast, a position that's somewhat at odds with Obama's opposition to offshore drilling. "I do favor an exploration to determine the size of the reserve," he said, adding that he would only support drilling if the reserve was sizeable and that environmental consequences were negligible.
Later in the morning, the governor visited a Richmond child-development center, where he was serenaded by elementary school-age kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. After a week of feverish speculation and the resulting criticism from opponents, it may have been a relief to him that the only attack he faced there was one from a rambunctious three-year old, who surprised him with a hearty splash of water from a play pool.
Democrats might say... at least he's getting his feet wet.