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Obama camp launches fact check site

From NBC's Alex Wall and Katie Mulhall
The Obama campaign is launching a Web site to discredit the McCain campaign's recent attacks on Obama, it announced in a conference call this afternoon. Campaign Manager David Plouffe said that LowRoadExpress.com, a title taken from a New York Times editorial, will focus specifically on documenting and fact checking these attacks.

The Obama campaign already has a page on its Web site dedicated to debunking attacks from viral e-mails and other sources called, "Fight The Smears." Plouffe clarified that this new site would be solely used to "correct mistruths" coming directly from the McCain campaign. 

VIDEO: A day after Sen. John McCain mocked Sen. Barack Obama's celebrity status in a TV ad, Obama's campaign launched a new web site to rebut attacks and responded with an ad of its own. NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports.

Aides also emphasized that even some Republicans are questioning McCain's tone and tactics. Susan Eisenhower, president of the Eisenhower Group (and Ike's granddaughter), added, "These kind of comments and innuendos have no place in a presidential campaign of this importance."      

On the 'Celeb' ad, Plouffe slammed the McCain campaign for its negative turn and called McCain's latest ad "frivolous," while claiming that he has abandoned issues for rhetoric.

"What he's offering voters is increasingly harsh character attacks … I think voters did expect different from John McCain," Plouffe said.  He also suggested McCain's negative strategy would harm his image among independents.

"The road he's on right now, he's going to quickly erode that political capital, which is very hard capital to build up," Plouffe said. "He seems to sink to new lows everyday."