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Veepstakes: Is the list getting longer?

Compiled by NBC/NJ's Matthew Berger and Carrie Dann
DEMOCRATS: Has Obama's short list gotten longer? The Fix says his "vice presidential vetting process has moved into a new stage in which a larger than previously reported group of candidates is being exposed to a 'deeper dig' into their backgrounds -- in the words of a source familiar with the process." It may mean no decision is imminent. And is Obama meeting again with chief vetter Eric Holder? The Houston Chronicle reports that Holder was in Houston Wednesday for fundraisers. That's where Obama will be Thursday for a finance event. 

VIDEO: Time is running low for Barack Obama and John McCain to pick their running mates. NBC's David Gregory and Chuck Todd weigh in on the possible short lists. Also interviewed is analyst Mike Murphy.

A group focused on pressuring Obama to pick Sen. Hillary Clinton as his running mate is shutting down. "Because it seems that Senator Obama has made his decision to offer the slot on the ticket to another candidate, we believe that continuing to ask him to pick Hillary is no longer helpful to our party's chances of winning in November," organizers of VoteBoth, Sam Arora and Adam Parkhomenko, are telling supporters in an email this morning. And, by the way, While Clinton has paid off 15 colleges and universities for her primary campaign, she still owes more than $150,000 for events at schools across the country. 
The Republican majority leader of the Virginia House of Delegates reportedly sent an email to supporters Monday, urging them to remind the media that Gov. Tim Kaine does not enjoy strong popularity in the state. "Governor Kaine is popular only if you define 'popular' as having a job approval rating lower than 50%," Griffith wrote in the message to his caucus obtained by Politico.  
Talking to Charlie Rose (which the gov's camp says was scheduled before the veep feeding frenzy started), Kaine addressed concerns among the pro-choice community that the Roman Catholic governor would support limits on abortion rights. Although he is personally pro-life, he said he does not advocate for the overturn of Roe v. Wade. "Roe vs. Wade is ultimately about saying that there is a realm of personal liberty for people to make this decision," he said.  
What does Virginia noteable quoatable Larry Sabato think?  "If Obama and Kaine win, it could be the last victory the Democrats in Virginia have for a while," says the UVA prof., predicting disastrous consequences for state Dems should the governor relinquish his seat.  
REPUBLICANS: Gov. Tim Pawlenty is on to us: "Lately, I've just stopped talking about it because I get asked about it frequently and if I say a word different than I said last time, it just fuels another round (of speculation)." Pawlenty is in Washington Thursday to speak at a press conference for Achieve, Inc., touting a new report on improving academic standards. Pawlenty serves as vice chair of the bi-partisan, nonprofit group. He told state lawmakers in Chicago Wednesday to take a Sam's Club approach to government. "I want to get the best value for my money," he said. "That's missing in government in dramatic, dramatic measurement."

Who would be worse, Kaine or Romney? Dan Schnur says both men "exacerbate the greatest weaknesses of Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama, respectively, rather than addressing them."