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Obama: Wall Street vs. Main Street

"Obama yesterday blamed 'irresponsible decisions' by the Bush administration and Wall Street for the country's economic woes as government officials said the budget deficit would soar to record heights next year."  (Or here.)
"[M]any of Clinton's supporters aren't so willing to embrace Obama, at least not yet," AP writes. "Independents and moderate Republican women remain a question mark, too. So Obama is working fiercely to win their votes. He has put out a report explaining what his economic plans would mean for women, reinforcing the message with town hall meetings devoted to the subject. He talks frequently about being raised by a single mother, her economic struggles (including a period on food stamps) and her worries about health insurance as she was dying of cancer. He's hired former Clinton aides, including Dana Singiser as a senior adviser on female voters. His Web site offers a prominent "welcome" to Clinton supporters and an extensive section for women. Aides are planning events nationwide on the 88th anniversary of the day American women won the right to vote."

VIDEO: Barack Obama and John McCain are both shifting towards the economy - the issue that concerns Americans the most. In Monday's "The Strategists," Republican strategist Ron Christie and Democratic strategist Rich Masters discuss what the candidates should do to convince voters they have the economic answers Americans need.

RNC spokesman Alex Conant released this statement in anticipation of Obama's meeting today with Pakistan's prime minister. "Over the course of this campaign, Obama's inexperience has led to careless statements about Pakistani sovereignty. We need to take every step necessary to fight terrorism, but careless statements from an inexperienced would-be commander-in-chief have no place in that constructive dialogue."